Theatrical Inspiration Workshop

is a place for joint creative activities in the area of theatrical and cultural education at the Miniatura Municipal Theatre. We want to create it together with you – the spectators and participants in our activities.

It is an educational space which:

  • is open to inspiration and inspires autonomous exploration
  • responds to the needs
  • is empathic and based on relations, dialogue and positive communication
  • is a space for creative activity and exploration
  • is attentive to what is  current
  • is sensitive to diversity and accessible to everyone
  • is a field of experience, play, self-expression and reflection
  • creates opportunities for individual and group development
  • is an exchange of different points of view
  • is not afraid of experiments
  • creates a space for interaction and cooperation
  • engages all senses
  • is open to critical thinking
  • gives a sense of empowerment
  • is not afraid to step outside the box
  • expands the field of theatre

Activities for:

  • children (Miniature Academy, topical workshops, theatre walks, e-workshops)
  • youth (Miniature Academy, What a Drama!, topical workshops, theatre walks)
  • families (family workshops, theatre walks, Miniature Riddles, e-workshops)
  • adults (topical workshops)
  • school groups (workshops before or after performances, theatre walks, Miniature Riddles, Theatre and School, e-workshops)
  • teachers, educators and animators (topical workshops, Theatre and School, open rehearsals and premiers for teachers, What a Theatre!)

Children, youth and families


Teachers, educators, animators

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