Ticket prices


  • adult ticket for all the venues: 35 zł
  • reduced ticket for all the venues: 33 zł
  • balcony ticket (Main Stage): 30 zł
  • tickets for places with a limited visibility: 20 zł
  • first performance (premiere) ticket: 50 zł

Reduced tickets are available to children, students up to 26 years old and retired persons.

Children with disabilities pay 5 zł per ticket but their number can’t be more than 15 at the performance played on the Main Stage or 6 at the performance played at the Chamber Stage or Rehearsal Stage.

Attention! The document entitling you to purchase a reduced ticket must be presented before purchasing the ticket! (concerning, among others, the Culture Card and the Gdańsk Large Family Card)

Group tickets

  • group ticket (for each person): 28 zł
  • guardian’s ticket (1 guardian per 10 children): 2 zł
  • balcony ticket (Main Stage, available only if there are no more places in the main seating area): 23 zł
  • ticket for a person with disabilities (limited number of tickets per each performance): 1 zł

Special offers

For Culture Card holders: 33 zł
For Gdańsk Large Family Card holders: 30 zł

Gift vouchers

Our Gift Vouchers are the perfect present! They’re valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, and can be used on any of fantastic shows for ages 6 months up to 13 years.

We have four categories of vouchers

Voucher 1 – 45 zł; one person can see one performance
Voucher 2 – 90 zł; two persons can see one performance or one person can see two performances
Voucher 3 – 135 zł; three persons can see one performance or one person can see three performances
Voucher 4 – 180 zł; four persons can see one performance, one person can see four performances, two persons can see two performances etc.

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