Online activities

Theatre and School on the Web| theatrical e-workshops

Duration: approx. 2 h (depending on the length of performance)

Group size: up 30 people

Date: arranged individually

Price: PLN 100 for the whole group

Reservations (choice of topic and date, payment):
box office |, tel. 601 628 377

Workshops conducted on a remote learning school platform. Workshops following contemporary theatre pedagogy approach are used to develop self-reflection, communication, strengthen creative and receptive competences and group relationships, creating unique shared experiences. Workshops are tailored to the age group. Example of a structure of a theatrical e-workshop for a specific performance:

  • short introduction to the performance
  • watching the performance together
  • a workshop referring to the performance, where students play with the possibilities of the online meeting – Image, sound, word and movement. The theatre educator makes sure to engage all the senses and to move from individual thinking to collective creation. During the workshop, students are both the audience and the creators, thanks to which an online Avant-garde Performance with the group may be created.

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