based on a novel by Michael Ende


adaptation: Vita Huber

translation: Karolina Bikont

direction: Lena Frankiewicz

set design: Michał Dracz

music: Olo Walicki

movement: Ula Zerek



Momo | Magdalena Gładysiewicz

Gigi | Kamil Marek Kowalski

Beppo | Piotr Kłudka

Hora | Krystian Wieczyński

Kasjopeja | Jadwiga Sankowska

Bricklayer Nicola, Grey Man A., Worker, Man in a Bar | Edyta Janusz-Ehrlich/Andrzej Żak

Landlord Nino, Grey Man E., Employee | Jakub Ehrlich

Liliana, Manager, Woman in a Bar | Magdalena Żulińska

Bibigirl, Maria Girl | Magdalena Bednarek

Hairdresser Fuzi, Policeman, Grey Man W., Man in a Bar | Wojciech Stachura

Grey Man J. | Jacek Majok

Grey Man K., Man in a Bar | Piotr Srebrowski

Grey Man H., Woman in a Bar | Hanna Miśkiewicz

Children | Andrzej Bansleben, Pola Karsznia, Konstancja Martin, Gabriela Sztejner, Szymon Wierejko



premiere: 12 June 2022

for audience aged 8+


Premiere partner



Miniatura's Friend





What does it mean to save time and is it worth it? Who steals time from us and how can we save ourselves from it? In a novel by Michael Ende misterious Grey Men convince people to save time - in consequence they lives become devoid of everything which is called wasting time: meetings with friends, fun, art, imagination, even sleep. When the situation becomes dreary, a strange girl Momo with and old turtle Kasiopeia and master Hora tries to save them.