based on a novel by Michael Ende


adaptation: Vita Huber

translation: Karolina Bikont

direction: Lena Frankiewicz

set design: Michał Dracz

music: Olo Walicki

movement: Ula Zerek



Momo | Magdalena Gładysiewicz

Gigi | Kamil Marek Kowalski

Beppo | Piotr Kłudka

Hora | Krystian Wieczyński

Kasjopeja | Jadwiga Sankowska

Bricklayer Nicola, Grey Man A., Worker, Man in a Bar | Edyta Janusz-Ehrlich/Andrzej Żak

Landlord Nino, Grey Man E., Employee | Jakub Ehrlich

Liliana, Manager, Woman in a Bar | Magdalena Żulińska

Bibigirl, Maria Girl | Magdalena Bednarek

Hairdresser Fuzi, Policeman, Grey Man W., Man in a Bar | Wojciech Stachura

Grey Man J. | Jacek Majok

Grey Man K., Man in a Bar | Piotr Srebrowski

Grey Man H., Woman in a Bar | Hanna Miśkiewicz

Children | Andrzej Bansleben, Pola Karsznia, Konstancja Martin, Gabriela Sztejner, Szymon Wierejko



premiere: 12 June 2022

for audience aged 8+

duration: 2 h (with an interval)


Premiere partner



Miniatura's Friend





What does it mean to save time and is it worth it? Who steals time from us and how can we save ourselves from it? In a novel by Michael Ende misterious Grey Men convince people to save time - in consequence they lives become devoid of everything which is called wasting time: meetings with friends, fun, art, imagination, even sleep. When the situation becomes dreary, a strange girl Momo with and old turtle Kasiopeia and master Hora tries to save them.