Tonje Glimmerdal

Tonje Glimmerdal

based on the book by Maria Parr

translation: Aneta W. Haldorsen

script and direction: Karolina Maciejaszek

set design: Paweł Walicki

music: Magdalena Sowul | Panilas

movement: Wiola Fiuk



Magdalena Bednarek | Tonja

Edyta Janusz-Ehrlich | Heidi

Piotr Kłudka | Paramedic, Nils, Postman

Kamil Marek Kowalski | Brother, Camera Man, Paramedic

Jacek Majok | Klaus Haggen

Piotr Srebrowski | Ole, Peter

Krystian Wieczyński | Tonja's Father, Ram Gladiator

Andrzej Żak | Gunnvald

Magdalena Żulińska | Sally, Tonja's Mother, Nils's Wife


Prapremiere: 13 March 2022

For audience aged 8+

Duration: 2 h (with an interval)

The performance won the Grand Prix of 26. International Festival of Theatre for Children and Youth Korczak Today in Warsaw, 2022



Take a look into a small village of Glimmerdalen, where Tonja lives, who believes in herself and doesn't back down if there is something important for her. "Tonja from Glimmerdalen" (English title Astrid the Unstoppable) was written by Norwegian author Maria Parr who is frequently compared to Astrid Lindgren. Reminiscent of Pippi Longstocking, Heidi and Anne Shirley, Astrid is a feisty and irrepressible heroine who will help readers navigate the complexities of family and friendship with plenty of warmth, wit and humour.