The Invisible

The Invisible

choreography: Izabela Chlewińska
space/light: Tomasz Bergmann
actors: Magdalena Gładysiewicz, Jacek Majok

experts: children from Ośrodek Wczesnego Wspomagania Rozwoju Dziecka Niewidomego i Niedowidzącego w Sobieszewie

premiere: 6 May 2023

For everybody, min. 4+


The performance is a part of the project "When the audience doesn't see - feel the theatre". Choreographer and body explorer, enthusiast of neurosensory sciences, Izabela Chlewińska has created a unique theatre experience where the barrier between the stage and the audience ceases to exist. Audience members are invited to a safe friendly space, where all the senses apart from sight are stronger and more sensitive. Let's check how is it to see less and feel more.