Atlas of Remote Islands

Atlas of Remote Islands

based on the book by Judith Schalansky

Polish translation: Tomasz Ososiński

direction and set design: Marek Zákostelecký

music: Martin Husovský



Magdalena Bednarek

Magdalena Gładysiewicz

Kamil Marek Kowalski

Jacek Majok

Piotr Srebrowski/Jakub Ehrlich


Premiere: 18 March 2023

For audience aged 13+

Duration: 60 min.


An acclaimed novelist and award-winning graphic designer, Judith Schalansky has spent years creating this book - her own imaginative atlas of the world's loneliest places. These islands are so difficult to reach that until the late 1990s more people had set foot on the moon than on Peter I Island in the Antarctic. On one page are perfect maps, on the other unfold bizarre stories from the history of the islands themselves. Rare animals and strange people abound: from marooned slaves to lonely scientists, lost explorers to confused lighthouse keepers, mutinous sailors to forgotten castaways; a collection of Robinson Crusoes of all kinds. 

An award-winning theatre director and set designer Marek Zákostelecký took on the adaptation of some of the stories in a form of visual theatre.