What's up with the Devil

What's up with the Devil

inspired by Grimms' fairytales


translation, adaptation and dramaturgy: Agnieszka Kochanowska

direction: Michał Derlatka

set design and puppets: Marek Zákostelecký

music: Paweł Nowicki

director's assistant: Csaba Kedves



Devil | Jakub Ehrlich

Devil's Wife | Magdalena Gładysiewicz

Woodcutter, Soldier without Hand, Fingers | Kamil Marek Kowalski

Condemned Man 1, Maid | Magdalena Bednarek

Maiden without Hands, Evil Princess, Fish | Aleksandra Miska

Miller's Wife, Maiden in a White Dress, Sick Princess, Evil King, Fish | Jadwiga Sankowska

Condemned Man 2, Miller, Good King, Soldier without Leg, Guard 1 and 3 | Krystian Wieczyński

Devil, Soldier without Eye, Guard 2, Ferryman, Skull, Storyteller | Wojciech Stachura

Storyteller | Andrzej Żak


premiere: 30 December 2021

for audience aged 6+

Duration: 1 h 40 min with the interval



Is it possible to outsmart evil? And if so how you can do it? The answers may be found in brothers Grimm's fairytales. Young and old characters meet the Devil in different forms. How they will survive depends on their gumption, persistence and good-heartedness. And the Devil... is not as black as he's painted. Let's visit a fairytale world designed by outstanding Chech stage designer Marek Zákostelecký.