Cafe Panique

Cafe Panique

short stories of Roland Topor adapted by Malabar Hotel

translation: Jan Kortas

song translation: Jan Gondowicz

inscenisation: Malabar Hotel

script and dramaturgy: Marcin Bartnikowski

direction and set design: Marcin Bikowski

music: Anna Stela

cast: Zofia BartośEdyta Janusz-EhrlichWojciech StachuraKrystian WieczyńskiMagdalena Żulińska

premiere: 29 December 2019

performance for youth and adults


The performance is based on the short stories by Roland Topor, French illustrator, cartoonist, comics artist, painter, novelist, playwright, film and TV writer, filmmaker and actor, known for the surreal nature of his work. In Cafe Panique as in Jim Jarmusch's Night on Earth we watch humanity naked, mocked and adored at the stage of the nocturnal city. Taxi drivers, dogs and bar long-winded storytellers are our guides. Adapted and directed by artists from Malabar Hotel Theatre specialising in visual theatre.