Mr Coach

Mr Coach

script: Szymon Jachimek
direction: Jakub Ehrlich
music: Marcin Kulwas
actor: Wojciech Tremiszewski

prapremiere: 17 November 2018

for adults and football fans of all ages


MR COACH is a story about a provincial football. About coach Rafał Moustache for whom football is everything. Doesn't matter that he trains the fifth league club Ajax Mściszewice, that his salary comes in fresh eggs and buckets of plaster or that his wife is fed up with his one-person tactical meetings in the garage - he loves, simply loves football, and every match is more important to him that the birth of a child. Even his own child. And even if the whole world and the league table told him that his love for football is unrequited, he can't stop himself. Maybe it is a toxic relationship and sure way to waste his life. Or maybe he is more clever than anybody in the borough assumes.