Hamster's diary

Hamster's diary

script and direction: Magdalena ŻulińskaPiotr Kłudka
set design and puppets: Karolina Michałek
drawings used in the set: Jaga Smoleń (5 years old)
music: Przemysław Bartoś

cast: Zofia BartośMagdalena ŻulińskaPiotr KłudkaAndrzej Żak

Scena Inicjatyw Aktorskich

prapremiere: 11 May 2018

for audience aged 4+


Every child wants to have a pet, but is every animal happy to be one? Oskar the hamster, James Blond the snake, Pelagia the mouse and a dog without a name didn't have much luck. Through their stories children learn how to take care of a pet. The performance is created by actors Magdalena Żulińska and Piotr Kłudka as a part of Actors' Initiative Stage. 


Promotional materials design by Joanna Czaplewska.