director: Wojciech Tremiszewski


Jakub Ehrlich
Edyta Janusz-Ehrlich
Jacek Gierczak
Wioleta Karpowicz
Jadwiga Sankowska
Wojciech Stachura
Wojciech Tremiszewski
Joanna Tomasik
Jakub Zalewski 
(each performance in 3-5 actors gropus)

live music: Jowita Cieślikiewicz


Children will tell us what to act out!

We would like to extend an invitation to improvised tales for children – humour-packed spontaneous fun which helps develop imagination and creativity. Our ImproLalas have no script and are entirely created before the eyes of the audience, and so they are different and unique each time!

At the beginning children invent the characters and then the actors-improvisers take the initiative and improvise their adventures using theatre puppets. As the performance unfolds, the actors ask the young audience to help them a few more times, give them advice, play  roles, turn themselves into a vehicle etc. One thing is sure in our ImproLalas – everything ends well :).