The House

The House

based on the book by Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel

adaptation: Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk, Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel
direction: Ewa Piotrowska
dramaturgy: Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk
set design and costumes: Martyna Dworakowska
music: Piotr Pawlak
movement: Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz
video: Piotr Welk


Apolonia Prosiaczyńska | Jadwiga Sankowska
Hipolit Prosiaczyński | Andrzej Żak
Lucjusz Prosiaczyński | Jacek Majok
Pelagia Bełkot | Joanna Tomasik
Arnoldzik Bełkot | Jakub Zalewski (gościnnie)
Luiza Truchcikowska | Jolanta Darewicz
Manfred Truchcikowski | Jacek Gierczak
Czesio Truchcikowski | Wojciech Stachura
Czesia Truchcikowska | Magdalena Żulińska
Gizela Wredziszewska | Hanna Miśkiewicz
Klara Kwik | Agnieszka Grzegorzewska
Malwinka, Klara's friend | Wioleta Karpowicz
Rudolf, Malwinka's fiance | Piotr Kłudka

Prapremiere: 15 December 2013

Performance suitable for children aged: 10+


Play based on the book by Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel, a Gdańsk author of excellent children’s stories.

The play is a humorous story about respect for otherness, individualism and a non-standard attitude to life. The characters are residents of the house Under the Pig’s Snout, where suddenly a new pig moves in, the individualistic Klara Kwik with her unlimited imagination and untamed creativity. This leads to a whole range of misunderstandings and conflicts, with a disturbing secret from the past looming in the background. To make matters worse, at the end, the ghosts of the residents’ ancestors appear…

The adaptation, prepared by Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel and Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk (one of the best Polish playwrights, winner of last year’s Gdynia Drama Award), refers to the history of Gdańsk, while emphasising the roots of fears which can form the basis for the frequently hostile attitude towards otherness and the anxiety it evokes. At the same time, the authors talk about how much tact, empathy and small compromise is involved in the creation of good neighbourly relations.


Costume designs by Martyna Dworakowska and promotional materials designs by Anita Wasik.